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Imperial Eagle DWC-LLC is a privacy protection solutions provider and an IT security services and encryption software company based in Dubai, UAE. Imperial Eagle also develops secure communication VoIP applications with military-grade encryption and security capabilities.

Imperial Eagle has a long history of developing solutions and products in the area of privacy protection and encrypted VoIP communications. Our first product released was
KryptoLine, a VoIP application for making encrypted calls and sending encrypted instant messages. Since then, Imperial Eagle has launched a wide range of products/services and supplied numerous customers from government agencies, public and private sectors.

Imperial Eagle DWC, founded in Dubai in
2009 and headquartered in Dubai World Central, has a proven track record of developing secure communication applications. Our products are used by thousands of satisfied users worldwide.

Our only goal is to put our skills and expertise at your service. Our tailored customer service, which can be reached by phone, e-mail, website chat, and WhatsApp, is at your complete disposal to further assist you in choosing the best solution that meets your specific needs. We believe in a less intrusive world where customers are truly earned through trust and our experience in the field rather than "bought" through dishonesty and non-delivery like many of our competitors on the web.

We adopt a very strict privacy policy in which user data is of the utmost importance and never shared with third parties. Imperial Eagle and its owners take a proactive approach to ensuring user privacy at all costs.

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